Make an enchanted ore

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Make an enchanted ore

Postby Vincent » Fri Dec 19, 2014 5:14 pm

Note : to do enchantments you need to activate the enchantment skill

Rules are simple for enchantment:
1. Any object put on the board can be enchanted if he pass through the [img]enchanted%20tile[/img].
2. Any object transfert its own enchantment to a new created one. This occurs when you merge ores, create a weapon or a gem.

Here's a simple way in three steps to create an enchanted ore (level2) with 1 Enchanted Point

Wherever this ore will be used, it will transfert its enchantment.
A gem created with this ore will have 1 Enchanted Point
A weapon created with this ore will have 1 Enchanted Point

Note that there is no restrictions in the number of Enchanted Point you can put in an object.
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