How to increase customers' satisfaction

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How to increase customers' satisfaction

Postby Vincent » Mon Jan 12, 2015 2:12 pm

A Hero has a satisfaction bar related to what this customer think of your work and your service.
You can see satisfaction bar on the hero's order or in the Archives.

Here you can see Hugh Tensil is fully satisfied by your service (10/10).
While Laurelin is a lot less (3/10).

Satisfaction start at (3/10) when you first encounter a Hero, then three events can increase satisfaction while two can decrease satisfaction.

1. If you sell an equipment with ore level > ore level asked. For example a full iron sword in place of a full bronze sword gives you one point. The more the difference between what is asked and what you offers, the more satisfaction points you receive.

2. If you sell an equipment in less than 20 turns. It gives you one point.

3. If you sell a legendary equipment. It gives you one point.

Note that you can combine! Sell a legendary in less than 20 turns gives you 2 points.

1. Refuse an order. It cost 2 points.

2. having a game over while the character is waiting an equipment. It cost 2 points.

Satisfaction is important if you wish to progress faster in the game.
It works like a score multiplier and XP multiplier at the end of the day.
You can double your gains with a fully satisfied hero.
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