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For the forum...

Postby Finch » Tue Nov 03, 2015 2:04 pm

The forum is pretty lonely at the moment... here's an idea to make more people visit:

You could post a weekly gift on the forum, maybe on Tuesday :) Announce it in the game...

Different ideas how to do the gift:
a) simple: post a code on the forum - entering that code in the game will give you a gift... but then you'd need to enter a number in the game and that might be complicated because it's new?
b) post some "secret formula" that needs to be done in the game to grant the gift, e.g. "place a bronze ore in all 4 corners" or "place an iron ore in the two center spots"

It's a bit like "legendary weapon of the week", but should be easier.

Every week, there should be one very easy thing just as a reward for visiting the forum. Maybe there could also be a difficult one for a much better reward.
Gifts are valid only for one week so if you come late, you can not get the old ones...

I think if you encourage players to visit the forum, some would also stay and talk. And I think reading the many tips and tricks and maybe even posting would also increase the "loyalty" to the game, so everybody wins :)
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Re: For the forum...

Postby Vincent » Wed Nov 04, 2015 10:04 am

Yeah you're right we could do better on this part.
We have recruited somebody to take care about PF and Hungry Cat communities.
I'll share your ideas with her ;)
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