weapon stats / enchantment

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weapon stats / enchantment

Postby Finch » Wed Dec 02, 2015 2:02 pm

ok, I had previously posted this:

Finch wrote:b) I don't have a solution here, but it's a big problem that you can not "make" a weapon for level 20+. Not a single weapon (not even netherium) has enough attack to win the quest. You always need enchantment to boost the right property of a weapon and that is just luck. I've made 5 crystal weapons and not one of them was good enough for the adventurer... could there be some way to influence the enchantment? Here's a crazy idea: If the weapon has 1 enchantment, it would boost attack, 2 enchantment would boost defense, 3 would boost speed, 4 would be random and 5 would be "balanced" (all stats boosted). Then 6,11,16,... would boost attack again, 7,12,17,... would boost defense and so on. To the "casual player", it would look as random as before, but the dedicated player could plan and make a "high defense weapon" when really needed. (notice how this works with an enchantment doubler as well because each stat has one even number... 6 is attack, 2 is defense, 8 is speed, 4 is random, 0/10 is balanced)

I still think that's a good idea, but maybe I have a better one... in another thread, we just laughed about a mace that has 10,000 speed, but low attack.
I also have armor that is mostly good for attack and swords that are mostly good for defense... that doesn't make much sense...

Here's my (new) idea:
I think it would make more sense to keep the weapons to their original use, i.e. armor should have higher defense than swords... so instead of adding all the enchantment points to the weapon at random, you could add them the the "part's stats" - if an enchanted blade is added to a weapon, its enchantment would boost the attack (for swords) or speed (for claws) just as each piece boosts different stats for the weapons. I have never analyzed that in detail (because it's mostly useless at the moment!), but adding a gold piece instead of an iron piece boosts one specific value for a weapon. Adding an enchanted gold piece should boost the same value.
This seems straightforward. (Enchanted) Gems would be special, what about them? A gem can be next to one piece or next to two pieces. So its enchantment would be added to the one piece or split between both pieces. (oh, it could be next to three pieces in a combo... still the same concept)

A shield would always have high defense and not high attack, for example. For a sword, you'd have high attack or high speed, but not high defense...
This would also mean that you CAN make a weapon for the adventurer and in part, it would mean that it often has to be a specific one.

What do you think? "As a player", I like my previous idea better because I can have just ONE balanced weapon in my weapon rack that's high in all stats... but somehow, I think my new idea makes more sense, is "easier" to understand (well, somehow...) and will be more interesting for gameplay... for example, you'd know: "I need to make a sword with an enchanted blade or a mace with an enchanted plate".

(dev note: and as an added bonus, it also wouldn't require any UI work, it's just a little tweak in the algorithms and doesn't sound very complicated to implement - you do the same thing for the other stats already and it even makes a difference how many ores I put into a piece - merging that with the enchantment should be easy...)
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weapon stats / enchantment

Postby DDavidtenlyMEN » Fri Dec 23, 2016 10:38 am

In your opinion, what is the best, most effective weapon enchantment?
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