small things :)

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small things :)

Postby Finch » Tue Nov 03, 2015 1:25 pm

While I'm waiting for the tournaments (and having lunch), here are a few small things I'd love to see in PFII:

1) On the main screen, I can see my level and gold. I'd really expect the level to be clickable. I know I can go to "archives" and by now I'm used to it. But I think it would be more intuitive for new users if you could "tap" the level... and then maybe go directly to the page that displays your stats (best score, longest time open etc.)

2) At the end of a day, when it says "New highscore", also show how many days the forge has been open

3) Somewhere, I'd love to see or display how many moves I've made on the current day. Maybe it could also be an item in the stats (like "longest day"). I'm sure I've made thousands of moves for some of the netherium weapons, would be fun to see that.

4) I'd love to (optionally?) display the day and the number of moves on that day and maybe the "date" (year 8, spring, day 7) in the forge. Why? I sometimes take screenshots and it would make it easier to know "when they were taken". I guess not everybody wants to see these things all the time and some people prefer a "cleaner" / leaner interface, so maybe we could turn this on and off

5) Also, I'd love to display the enchantment value of "pieces" (weapon pieces, gems and ores) without tapping them. When building legendary weapons (and legendary combos! ;)), the enchantment value is very very important and because I have a bad memory, I have to keep tapping all my pieces to verify their enchantment value. This could also be an option we can turn on and off.

6) I would love to get an "extra warning" before a hero leaves the board. Yes, I *know* that the speech bubble turns red, but I have lost more than one life because I missed it :( :( Until recently, there was this bug that immediately ended the game, so that was really bad... now I still lose lives... I think when there are only 2 moves left, there should be a warning you have to acknowledge. This isn't too bad in the rare cases where you want to deliver the weapon on the very last move, but can "save lives" ;)
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Re: small things :)

Postby Vincent » Wed Nov 04, 2015 10:31 am

I've reported all your comments in our "improvment doc" :)
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