Update v1.03 (forge update)

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Update v1.03 (forge update)

Postby Vincent » Mon Jan 08, 2018 5:18 pm

Update v1.03
Aka "forge update"... because you know it's cool to give cool names to updates.
Here's the change log, it can have some minor changes before the release coming in few days now:

-feature custom game mode: forge your own stellar system to play with, change rules, change loadout.
-feature Ability to create artificial planet with the new "Planet Forge" discovery
-feature replaced fuel in level 2 ship. 1 URANIUM = 100 OIL
-feature new dynamic regeneration system for vegetation
-feature Added a 11th ascension level and 3 new discoveries (planet forge, weapon damage and weapon range)
-feature added a free cost of removal for cheaper structures in the game.
-feature new random structure: redball automatic distributor
-feature new artificial structure and recipe: synthesis reactor
-feature Sign boards system & structures (replace flag structure)
-feature ability to grow forests with a new resource : seed

-content SP language
-content RU language
-content new artificial structures and recipes : alchemy
-content new natural structure: energy crystal
-content new random structure: redball vending machine

-tuning remove relational gain treshold during a trade
-tuning increase natural structure and random structure containt by 20%
-tuning minor changes to resource repartition in grounds
-tuning minor structure prices, carac and recipes changes
-tuning extend field of view gain by ascension level

-improvment automaticaly grab bonus crate when changing planet view
-improvment changed "destroy" button into "throw away" in structure management UI.
-improvment improve asteroid distribution and behaviour
-improvment updated display for structures under construction

-Bug impossible achievements fixed (Researcher and Builder)
-Bug fixed a display bug on purchase button
-Bug fixed camera issues with planet rotation
-Bug fixed an issue where population count reach 0 and leads to Game over
-Bug fixed a graphical issue in discoveries shadows
-Bug fixed a random math issue impacting whole randomness in the game
-Bug fixed scenario requiring URANIUM in place of NETHERIUM
-Bug fixed missing translation key "colony"
-Bug fixed a issue where circular gauge could change color when cancelling a structure building.
-Bug fixed an issue where the button "choose a destination" could stay in upgrade menu.
-Bug Fixed a issue where player could gain more resources in trade with the same resource
-Bug Fixed a issue where player could build anything on any ground.
-Bug Fixed a issue where player could grab inhabitants in Pandipedia view.
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Re: Update v1.03 (forge update)

Postby playhavock » Tue Jan 09, 2018 12:49 am

Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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Re: Update v1.03 (forge update)

Postby Boblar » Thu Jan 18, 2018 9:54 am

Very cool... looking forward to it!

I am glad to see that a couple of my suggestions have been developed, and I hope that they work well!
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Re: Update v1.03 (forge update)

Postby Buffy2ndSlayer » Mon Jun 18, 2018 1:50 pm

Haven't been here for a while, but still playing. Love the update! Especially the custom game mode, I love to freestyle!

Great job again you guys :D
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