Puzzle Forge Dungeon

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Puzzle / Rogue-Like

Puzzle Forge Dungeon is a turn-based crawler from the original series of Puzzle Forge. Create unique weapons on your board and throw them to the enemies. Each battle is unique and requires to use resources and skills cleverly.

Clean Anvillar, the underground dwarves city

Spring Cleaning is an ancient dwarven tradition of thoroughly cleaning Anvillar, the dwarven capital, in the springtime. However, the great halls of Anvillar are colossal, more fit for giants than dwarves. Kind of over-compensation. Maybe.

Anyway, dwarves occupy only 10% of their huge city. The other 90% are uninhabited, reserved for hoarding treasure or else. But tradition is tradition, so when spring comes, the dwarves invite volunteers in search for gold and fame to help them clean up the remote corners of Anvillar. mod arme

Play two distinctive forgeheroes, with their own strengths and weaknesses

Bill Bill Kingsteel: Official BurningBlade’s blacksmith. Masters all known and unknown blacksmithing technics. UFC Champion (Ultimate Forge Championship) years 1203, 1204 and 1206.
Uurgana: In Orcish culture, to be born with red skin is considered something of a curse. Red-skinned orcs are called “fire-touched” because of their hot-headed nature. Explosive temper is considered a mark of savagery, typical of groblins and ogres, and certainly not fit for proud orcish warriors. Uurgana always dreamed to become a warrior. Alas, as one of the fire-touched, she was forbidden to take up arms. But even if she wasn’t allowed to use them, at least she could make them — so she became a blacksmith. Uurgana