Back to basics in the update V0.92 now available on Steam


A major update is now available for Puzzle Forge Dungeon. As we had explained in a previous post, we’ve reoriented the core gameplay to something more similar to Puzze Forge 2. That is to say, enemies now have a turn count and make an action each time this count reach 0. Some enemies have a low turn count while some are really fast to attack, which make the game much more dynamic. We’ve also made various adjustments in other sections (rules, content, tuning etc…) We hope you’ll enjoy these new improvement and can’t wait to get your feedback on Discord

What’s new in v0.92?

    • New “turn count” system
    • New “board blessings” system
    • New Power UI, use and feedbacks.
    • Latency, Healing weapons feedback improved
    • Contextual cursors
    • New blessing, weapon upgrade and shadow merchant systems and display
    • Content : new boss
    • Various UI improvements
    • Maps balancing
    • Enemies balancing
    • Blessing and weapon upgrade balancing
    • Characters balancing
    • Undead enemies at save reload.
    • Stealing enemies initialisation fixed
    • Item locked on tables
    • Locked turns with “enemies turn” message on screen.
    • Various save issues
    • Concurrent actions during a game turn may occur. Reload will fix the issue.
    • Game run are not compatible (but global game save is working as usual)