Tuesday Quest is a video game development studio based in Paris, France. Our aim is to create games that are quite simple and enjoyable, whether their gameplays be time-tested or truly innovative. Our focus is first and foremost on giving pleasure to gamers of all kinds. For this, we will rely on these three ingredients:

Great production values
Games that are specifically designed to fit their platforms
A continued dedication to our love for Tuesdays (this is fundamental)

We support and allow any publication and monetization of any video of Tuesday Quest's games. Let's play!

Hungry Cat is back in this game redifining the Picross! use your color brushes to complete the grid and discover the picture.

  • 320 grids
  • One new super-grid every Tuesday
  • 4 difficulty modes
  • Online achievements and score tabs

Melt Peggle, pinball and pachinko you'll get Fruits'n Goblins: launch your Goblins and make them bounce to catch a lot of fruits!

  • Easy to play with lot of challenge
  • 84 levels through 4 parodic machines
  • Customize your Goblins with 100 funny hats
  • HD graphics
  • Online scores

Protect the Mana Crystal and kill all goblins in Goblins Rush

  • 24 objects to unlock
  • Kill many Goblins!
  • Upgrade your spells
  • Kill a lot of Goblins!
  • 48 original tiles to unlock
  • Kill a huge number of Goblins!
  • Online scores

Become the kingdom’s blacksmith and discover the other side of the adventure! In this puzzle game, forge epic weapons for soldiers and heroes.

  • 70 different weapons to forge
  • 10 heroes to unlock
  • Parodic medieval fantasy universe
  • Upgrade your forge
  • 36 achievements
  • Online scores

Rediscover the joys of Mahjong Solitaire with the addition of new, crazy rules.

  • More than 200 levels
  • Funny bonus tiles
  • 48 original tiles to unlock
  • 45 achievements
  • Online scores